Bioacoustics & AI 101

Committee members

Meet the dedicated team behind the Bioacoustics & AI 101 workshop.

Elodie Briefer

Elodie’s research group focuses on the behaviour of vertebrates, and in particular mammals and birds. Her main projects combine the topics of acoustic communication, emotions, and social networks, in order to understand how emotions influence communication, how emotions are transmitted between individuals and influence social relationships, and how acoustic communication affects social interactions

Jeppe Have Rasmussen

Jeppe’s main interests are bioacoustics and data analysis. He has previously conducted research in Germany, USA, and Norway. Jeppe is now a Carlsberg Foundation funded Research Fellow at the University of Copenhagen, working on developing deep learning-based detectors used in combination with passive acoustics for automatic monitoring of key species in the Danish nature.

Dina Mostafa

Dina is a UCPH alumn and is currently working on a PhD Project at the University of Vienna school of Cognition, Behaviour and Neuroscience. The project is studying aspects of the bioacoustics of collective behaviour, using the pre-flight signalling of Greylag geese as a model system to answer questions about the species' collective decision making mechanism and the function of its different pre-flight vocalisations.

Romain Lefèvre

Romain's research project was mainly focused on investigating the production and perception of horses' vocalizations. By combining knowledge from sound physics, physiology, and ethology, this project aimed at providing a thorough understanding of how animals can simultaneously transmit independent pieces of information to convey affective states to their conspecifics. As an independent web designer, Romain is also committed to transforming clients' online presence through innovative web solutions.

The behavioural ecology group of UCPH

The Behavioural Ecology Group at the University of Copenhagen specializes in studying vertebrate behavior, with a particular emphasis on mammals and birds. Our key research projects integrate aspects of acoustic communication, emotions, cognition, and social interactions. We aim to explore the impact of emotions on communication and cognitive processes, examine the transmission of emotions among individuals and their effect on social bonds, and investigate how acoustic communication influences social interactions. Additionally, we are interested in applying our findings to enhance animal welfare and support conservation efforts.

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